Custom Costa Rican Cigars

Hand-made in Costa Rica

While you are fishing for a day with Capt. Ron on scenic Lake Arenal, be sure to ask for one of our famous Costa Rica cigars. Nothing complements a good day of fishing better than a great cigar.

Even if you’re not a cigar smoker, take some back home to your friends — they make great souvenirs of your trip. Please let us know ahead of time and the cigars will be packaged and ready to slip in your baggage.

All our tabacco is grown here in the southern Costa Rican mountains under strict supervison, to provide you with what many of our clients consider “the best cigar they have ever smoked.”

We have several sizes available, including a custom size that is made exclusively for us called the “Clint Eastwood.” To smoke a Eastwood, just bite the tip off, strike a match, take a puff, and say, “Go ahead, make my day.” It’s the perfect cigar for fishing.

Being a custom cabinet maker for many years, I also build fine custom cigar boxes from local unique wood for your special cigars, or a great gift.