Fishing Lake Arenal

Your day on the lake starts at first light for the best bite. We recommend a 7:00am departure for our half- or full-day tours. This is generally the calmest time of day for the weather as well.

We have several convenient pick-up locations on the lake. For our clients staying near La Fortuna or El Castillo, we pick up at the small marina near the dam (also used by the water taxis to Monteverde), about a 20-minute drive from most area hotels. For clients staying other areas around the lake, we have several convenient pick-up points (see map under heading Lake Arenal).

Cruising Across The Lake

What’s it like to be cruising in the boat, racing across the waves to fish at the base of Volcano Arenal? Check out this short video our clients posted on YouTube! Note the huge plumes of steam coming out of the volcano.

The Morning Bite

The prized guapote (Parachromis Dovii Cichlidae) is a hard-fighting fish that loves to lurk tight on the cover, in the shoreline grass, or, when the lake levels are low — fallen trees, stumps, and ledges that are just under the surface.

Early mornings are when the guapote move in tight on the points to hunt sardines for an early meal. As on most lakes, mornings are always a prime time to fish, but especially on Lake Arenal because the views are spectacular, with lush green mountains surrounding the entire lake. It is not uncommon to see fish jumping and splashing at first light, and you’ll likely get your first strikes before the sun is fully up.

Captain Ron generally practices “catch and release” with all fish to help preserve the balance of fish population in Lake Arenal for years to come.

We fishermen are adventurers, traveling to exotic places around the globe in the pursuit of many different species of fish. Fishing on Lake Arenal is a unique experience that is one of a kind. Many times throughout the year we hear, “this is the most beautiful lake I have ever fished.” We think you will feel the same way after a day of fishing on Lake Arenal.

Most mornings fishing at the base of Volcano Arenal you can hear boulders rumbling down the side of the mountain — boom, boom, boom! It sounds like the test firing of a rocket motor. Then the sight of fresh hot lava spitting out the top. Now imagine casting a top-water lure close to a hungry guapote or machaca and getting the hookup — fish on!