Unforgetable Fly Fishing on Lake Arenal

Deck Fishing

Fly fishing on Lake Arenal for guapote is very similar to fishing for large mouth bass in the States. Poppers are a favorite, as are floating foam flies with crystal flash. Casting from the deck of our Whaler is very stable and relaxing.

You won’t need a heavy rod for casting either, a 6wt or 8wt is perfect for the job of getting in close to shore and near the cover where fish hide. Using a 6′ leader is best, with 3′ of 13# fluorocarbon tippet; rarely are they leader shy.

Early morning is the best chance at a big guapote, they tend to be very tight on most points, waiting for you to drop the fly on their nose. 90% of all guapote caught here will be on top water flies, however while fishing our many river mouths, the Clouser Minnow with a sink line can produce some nice fish, and the strikes are really hard.

The machaca are a different breed to take on the fly. They don’t like large flies, and are mostly curious as to what has just landed in their territory. Again, most fish are taken on the surface, but they will take very small bait patterns sub-surface all day long when the fish are present. The machaca are a schooling fish, unlike the guapote, so it’s not uncommon to catch several in one area.

We were contracted to take golf-pro Jack Nicklaus, an avid fly fisherman, and a couple of his best friends flyfishing, so we’re your best choice on Lake Arenal.

By Request, Abel Fly Gear

Fishing for the “toothy” guapote and machaca will test most all quality rods and reels. We use only the very best — Abel,TFO, lamson and echo reels with matching rods and, usually, floating lines. At times, the wind can come up quickly on the lake, but most days that can be an asset to the fishing. By using our rods we guarantee you will cast like a pro.

Fly Fishing Instruction in Paradise

Ever wanted to learn the art of flyfishing? Learn from an expert. Set aside a couple hours the afternoon before your tour. You can either drive to Nuevo Arenal to practice with Ron in the park, or we can drive to meet you. Cost: $40/hour, minimum 1 hour, plus gas costs depending on your location. Experience: priceless.

Top Five Flies

All the necessary flies are provided for you, but if you’d like to bring some, here are the top 5 fly choices:

  • Foam bugs with legs, fat alberts and gurglers
  • Your favorite popper in white, yellow or silver
  • Clouser’s deep minnow white, or white with green
  • Chernobyl ants in red and black medium to large
  • Deceivers, most all colors work great